Get the white king to be the rightmost piece!
White always move first (but Black are equally cool).

Played with mouse - drag and drop or click, scroll for zoom.
If you get stuck, hold the restart button.
There are some tips below if you're really stuck!

All feedback much appreciated!
Remember to rate all the games and leave comments everywhere!!

Additional tips (may or may not be needed):
1. You control both colors, but turns still apply.
2. Pawns can't capture in one dimension.
3. If one color doesn't have any pieces left, it still can't skip a turn (it's a dead end!).
4. You don't have to capture everything, just get the white king to be the rightmost piece.
5. Castling - an allied rook can swap with king if there are no pieces in between.
6. The queen can't stop early and captures everything in her way!

"Only One" dimension made from scratch in 48 hours using Unity for GMTK GameJam 2019.

I ran out of time in some places, so the puzzle design isn't nearly as thought out as I wanted it to be. I am well aware of the typos :/ 
Also, the exit button apparently banishes you to the shadow realm so be careful ^^

Fonts used:
Chess Harlequin:

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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I created my version of 1d chess

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What a great game! Someone should make a 2D version of it! 

(Just kidding about the second part, but the game is good)

Completed queens gambit.

neat game. found this while looking for something else on google

I beat the game! That was very interesting. I really enjoyed it! :D

Beat level 2 and i am officially hooked. will come back when i finish it

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Nice puzzles that challenges our assumptions (especially in "Ally")

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Click for spoilers

super fun

Click for spoilers

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it!

I can't play it, in Firefox 60.8.0esr 64-bit. It gives the following error:

"An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

SecurityError: The operation is insecure."


Is your browser set to allow third-party cookies? I've seen that error on other Unity games on itch, and it went away for me when I allowed third party cookies.

Yeah, that did the trick. A bit strange that it needs 3rd party cookies, but after allowing it I could play perfectly. Thanks!


I have no idea why it did that :( Thanks for playing!