Use mouse and WASD or arrow keys to play.

CLICK ON YOUR OPPONENTS' HEADS IN CLICKHEAD THE HEADSHOT SIMULATwhat that was not the script I got the first time... ok can I speak to the previous guy...What, I'M rude?  It just clicked for me, I'm not made for this...

Made in a week for Community Game Jam in Unity.

Our team:
SrsSpy - pixel art, animations, level design

Tasgod - music, sounds, sound design
(90% nuked by WebGL in jam version >:| more below)

Silvarc - programming, game design, level design, writing

Most ideas were developed together as a team!

We planned our time a bit wrong and didn't get to test the build. Sooo, the sounds got wrecked by WebGL, some sound files are missing, the volume levels are not adjusted and there is NO MUSIC :(
We will have a post-jam, fixed version of the game in the link below. (But rate accordingly to the jam version)

EDIT: This version online is now the post-jam one. If you want to play the jam version download it below.

Stuck in jam version:
If you are stuck on the fast glitch maze section, it may not work as intended. You can cheese it by moving your cursor below the whole thing, then running to the right and going straight for the 'CLICK' button.

AuthorsSilvarc, Tasgod, SrsSpy
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art


jam version [no music, bugs] 8 MB
post-jam version 8 MB


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really kool game! i cant believe u made this in a timelimit! really nice! just wish i could play it out of a browser and download it on my pc:(

ah yes, there is no game 2.0

amazing but laggy. very laggy. and hard

I love it

the real game was so good it was too much for the pc to handle

hard but fun rteally good platformer

best platformer game ever played so far, would play again!

put a smile on my face hah

(1 edit) (+2)

Wow. Great work!

it's so cool

(1 edit)

This game is incredible and very fun!! Is unic and masterpiece :D

I come late but whatever, i participate in the Jam too with the game "Who is who?".

best game I've played so far

This Game is awseome, really the best game i played so far, great level design, great gameplay, great story telling and great sounds effects. Absolute awseome, you guys should keep working in this game because has a huge potential!

one of the best games on this jam really

amazing all round. well done clickhead!

wow best one ive played so far